Be Present Fully With Your Breath.

A monk and his student were going to cross a river. The river did not have a bridge and people had to cross the river wading the water. A young lady approached the monks asking them to help her cross the river as the water reached almost up to her neck. The teacher monk carried her on his back as they found their way through the water. Once they reached the other side, the lady thanked the monk and went her way. The two monks continued on their journey in silence. The student broke the silence and said, ”You are a monk, you shouldn’t have carried her on your back”. To which, the teacher smiled and replied, ”I left her at the bank long back. It is you who is still carrying her in your mind”. 
The student now understood the meaning of letting the past go, and living in the present moment. He also understood that it was not his business to comment about what doesn’t concern him. He was only a witness to what happened. He wasn’t involved in it. Moreover it was his judgemental mind that made this narrow-minded statement. He felt it was his own inhibitions about women and touch that added to this conclusion. His teacher was in a much elevated and expanded state of mind and could see the situation as a momentary help and leave the situation behind with no attachments whatsoever. 
Walking away with loving detachment is an art that helps you to stay in a stable and joyful state no matter what the situations around you. Take things easy because there is nothing serious happening. Cultivating thoughts of trust and appreciation is an easy path to a stable and detached mind. 
Be aware of your breath and practice  mindfulness breathing. This helps you to ease yourself into the present moment. At times when the mind goes into judgement and disturbance, you may notice that your breath constricts or even stops. Breathe deeply and relax. Everyday enjoy deep and relaxing breathing to bring about balance, peace and calm to both mind and body.

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