Devoid of stories, I flew everywhere as awareness. I was omnipresent and felt weightless. I was
consciousness rather. I kept flowing everywhere so generously. As I came close to earth, I started meeting changes in me. I started feeling heavy, but still I was able to fly freely. The knowledge I was filled with got shattered and I shriveled being some of its bits and pieces. I started having limitations. I could see boundaries. But still I could fly .As I surpassed the mountain ranges caressing them, I slowly started realizing the distortions in my thoughts. Feelings dawned .It amplified my weight too. I continued to fly until my weight demanded a fall. I became a drop of rain and touched the earth. But my flow did not cease. Undiminished was the force of my flow. It encouraged a lot of companions to be part of my forceful flow. Rocks, Logs, twigs, leaves…all became my part. All these again added to my weight and it decreased the swiftness of my flow. This continued until my flow died. 
All that which came along with my flow altered to become my body. Yes it was a human body. I was least surprised probably because of the plentiful subsistence I had in different bodies. I was not alone. I saw around me thousands of people that carried the bits and pieces of the awareness and consciousness that was shattered on the way .All were suffering as it had become so difficult to flow. Later on they started walking in different directions devoid of goals and dreams .It was then, some people started giving the rest directions to move. They claimed themselves to have poured down before us. All of us thus were guided.

I was haunted by the obsession to fly. I wanted to fly without weight. So was the case with everyone else. But none even tried fearing the misguided way. Even I went the so called “being taught” way.

At last I stopped…disappointed in the journey. The journey that knows no end. The moment I stopped, I was showered upon the sky by a beautiful globule of light. I felt being at home, as if all that I had forgotten has come in search of me…Somebody Told..”You have got wings, you can fly”. Immediately I searched for the wings. No… I could not find any wings on my body. It might be because of the constant out pour of rain and the number of people that emanated from each drops. I realized that It has become too difficult to stand here, to be grounded.

At some point the fireball that was right above my head flapped its wings and flew away. Those around me who witnessed it, got terrified and they chose to spread apart from me. But for me, all I felt was love for the light and fire. I turned and ran behind it as fast as possible. Those who came before me dodged me from running. But I ran as fast as possible. The more I reached near to it, the more I was able to see myself, the more I could know myself. I continued running towards it, till I could see my wings that was stuck together so close near my shoulders. The realization of having wings increased my pace of running. I could also see few others running in the direction towards light.

We managed to fly beyond the gush of rain and the people incarnated from its droplets. By then the light within me had already begun showing directions. People, who came behind me, ran apart fearing the light I was carrying within me. But some ran behind me craving for the light I had and wanted to fly. But it did not bother me, as I very well knew, they would soon hit upon the light they carried and the wings they possess.

I was focusing on the brilliant blue light of knowledge, consciousness and awareness. Like a moth, I landed on the gleaming light to burn my body and wings. By then, stories were sliced apart and I had started flying as awareness everywhere…..


About the author: Jenmesh Mohan

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