Thoughts, Dreams, Emotions, Actions and Manifestation.



Thoughts are the beginning of anything that is about to happen here on earth. However, the thoughts that come to us are the ones that we vibrate with. At times certain ideas that we download from the collective consciousness make us really excited and they fully fill us with very vibrant energy because these thoughts stay so close to our unique vibrations and they become our dreams.These are the source of limitless energy. All we need to learn is to channel these energy down to earth through us. This is the beginning. Lucky are the ones who can filter their dreams and happiness from the expectations and preset boundaries of the society where they live. Alive are those people who find the happiness from within, pursuing their dreams, than those who do things for the sake of it, believing in the fixed ways of finding happiness as preached in the society. Yes, it is the power of dreams that open our eyes.

When we have dreams we see them happening a thousand times in front of our closed eyes. Often we try to speak about our dreams and we express it giving a form. But the real journey begins when we start questioning ourselves.

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you question your abilities?

Do you feel like you are not ready and need more preparations to start chasing your dreams?

These are all common illusions that come along. All we need to do is to close our eyes and find the space for our dreams in our heart. Love them like our children. Nourish them with all positive thoughts and affirmation that comes along in your mind.

To move ahead it is very necessary to connect to the power of fire in our belly, the seat of one’s personal power. Feel the power and know that we all are born with the resources needed to get our dreams done. All we need is to trust in our self and the universe and develop the courage to walk along the untrodden path. If you have a dream so special, yes, the path that you’ll walk will  be very special and unique. On earth, only you can walk along that path giving birth to your dreams.

Don’t let the fear of the unseen stop you. Choose to love your dream and the way you walk. Trust yourself and own your dreams.

Universe always brings the right people and resources to move along. Everything happens at the right time and space. And we always make the right choices using the wisdom we have. We will have all sorts of experiences coming to us with an emotion beneath them. And it is our turn to master these emotions. Emotions are powerful tools that can take us any where we want. Once you train yourself to ride these horses you will easily get to where you want to be.

When our actions are driven by higher emotions like passion, love , trust , joy , hope and so on, we will find all these actions effortless. We will be detached from what we do, at the same time having fun out of the present moments. At some point you will realize that you are far ahead from what you have once dreamt and the way you see when you look back is what I call the manifestation.

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